Greg Rajaram

Author of The Greatest Game

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The Greatest Game. Greg Rajaram

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The Greatest Game

Ever since humans became self-aware, we have struggled to find the meaning of life.

We've come a long way by questioning the nature of objects around us and pushing the limits of our intelligence, but it’s now time that we ask the greatest question yet: when does intelligence transcend to become consciousness?

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Praise & Reviews

One of the most philosophical works of fiction I have ever read. Simply impressive in its uniqueness.

The Greatest Game is a book which attempts to expose you to a world of new possibilities and thrives by posting esoteric questions

The book will leave you introspecting about life and everything else in its wake

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The Greatest Game. Greg Rajaram

About Greg Rajaram

Greg Rajaram is a writer, engineer and author of The Greatest Game.


Greg is an engineer by profession and has worked for leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence and software consulting. His experience in the field of artificial intelligence inspired him to write a book that could serve as a blueprint for evoking consciousness in a machine.